Roman blinds

AL BARSHA Roman Blinds are a neat, elegant window option available in a selection of contemporary styles to suit any decor. Enjoy a clear view by day, and complete privacy at night. Roman Blinds are available in a number of different styles and trims.

Roman blinds can be made unlined, for example when you would like a voile or translucent finish, lined with either a high quality sateen lining or blackout or interlined for a thicker more luxurious drape.

For a more luxurious finish consider having your blind “thermal interlined” as well as lined. They can also be “blackout interlined” so that no light passes through the blind when down, ideal for bedrooms and other areas where a darker room is required.

Traditionally, these blinds are mounted on a fabric covered baton with cord and cleat but for a better solution why not consider having your blind supplied and fitted to one of our roman blind system tracks which contain all of the strings necessary for the operation of the blind on cord rollers within a white aluminium track. The blind is then operated by a continuous metal chain at one end of the track similar to a roller blind or for a real touch of luxury and convenience can be electrically operated by remote or connected to home automation systems.
Roman blinds can be mounted either inside or outside the window recess.

For the more budget conscious, we have a range of lower cost Roman Blinds, lined, interlined or blackout lined in a limited range of fabrics and colors and up to 240cms wide.

Please contact us for more information or to arrange an appointment for us to free visit you, measure, show you samples and give you an instant quote.

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